Vintage Gay Porn: Non-Stop

Retro-Gay-Porn-From-the-1980s-Bareback-Big-Dicks-20 Vintage Gay Porn:  Non-StopNon-Stop is about as apt a title as this film could have. Horny airline steward Steve Collins visits a friend in New York and has about as much sex, in almost every permutation, as a person can have in one day! This Steve Scott film, beautifully shot and starring gorgeous, masculine men, is both a wild romp and a reminder of the way gay porn used to be.

One stand-out scene takes place in the now-demolished Chelsea Piers, another on a rooftop, and another in a stairwell.

Handsome, mustachioed Collins drives from the airport to his West Hollywood apartment. There he finds his roommate’s trick, blindingly blond Peter Waves, in bed and naked. So before he gets dressed to go to New York, he has a little pre-vacation fun with Waves’ used goods. Waves tugs on Collins’ pretty, foreskinned cock and slides it into his hot mouth. When Collins is nice and stiff, Waves sits atop his rhythm stick and rides him into ecstasy. Collins’ cum shot is captured in director Steve Scott’s trademark tasty, drippy slow motion.

Collins flies to New York and arrives at his pal’s apartment. This friend of his, sexy soap-opera star Casey Donovan, is napping on a foldout couch with butch stud Steve Anthony. Collins undresses and joins them. In the morning, the three treat themselves to a threesome with Collins sampling Anthony’s large sausage before having his pipes cleaned. There is some really sexy foreplay in this scene, but it unfortunately stops too soon. Not that the fucking isn’t hot, it is an interesting combination of slow and athletic but the way the three men caress and kiss is just too good to be gone so fast.

Elsewhere in the Big Apple, soap producer Eric Ryan makes love to his boyfriend, mustachioed hunk Daniel Holt. They sixty-nine, burying their faces in each other’s thick bushes. Overall, their session is by the books, but the amazing camerawork and pacing give it a little something extra.

Back in Donovan’s apartment, Collins takes a shower. As he dries off he sees a blond in a red Speedo (Steve Peters) on a nearby roof. The blond sees him, too, so he peels down his underpants and starts to diddle his uncut tool. Collins whips his cock out from his towel and does the same. They perform for each other, the blond kneads his ass cheeks and offers peek-a-boo peeks of his hole; Collins practically stands on his tippie toes. When they both cum, they cum big!

Earlier, Daniel Holt delivered a script to Donovan and he and Collins made eyes at each other. Later in the day, Holt spots Collins through a shop window and silently lures him to the Chelsea Piers for a quick-n-dirty. The suspense in their unspoken exchange and journey to the Piers is incredibly erotic and the setting of the Piers is visually striking and well-photographed. Collins expertly swallows Holt’s titanic staff (this guy’s size puts most horse hung stars to shame) and then fucks him against an open window, sunlight pouring over them. The blowjobs are incredible, the fucking is raw, the close-ups beautiful, and as an added bonus, an anonymous man, whose face we never see, watches the proceedings and jerks off.

Donovan brings up the end of the film with a little cum cocktail, served by a Latino man (Jorge Rodriguez) in a stairwell.

Then it’s back to Hollywood for Collins, where we can be sure he’ll continue his Non-Stop fun.

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Retro-Gay-Porn-From-the-1980s-Bareback-Big-Dicks-02 Vintage Gay Porn:  Non-Stop Retro-Gay-Porn-From-the-1980s-Bareback-Big-Dicks-03 Vintage Gay Porn:  Non-Stop Retro-Gay-Porn-From-the-1980s-Bareback-Big-Dicks-04 Vintage Gay Porn:  Non-Stop Retro-Gay-Porn-From-the-1980s-Bareback-Big-Dicks-05 Vintage Gay Porn:  Non-Stop Retro-Gay-Porn-From-the-1980s-Bareback-Big-Dicks-07 Vintage Gay Porn:  Non-Stop Retro-Gay-Porn-From-the-1980s-Bareback-Big-Dicks-09 Vintage Gay Porn:  Non-Stop Retro-Gay-Porn-From-the-1980s-Bareback-Big-Dicks-10 Vintage Gay Porn:  Non-StopRetro-Gay-Porn-From-the-1980s-Bareback-Big-Dicks-21 Vintage Gay Porn:  Non-Stop Retro-Gay-Porn-From-the-1980s-Bareback-Big-Dicks-22 Vintage Gay Porn:  Non-Stop Retro-Gay-Porn-From-the-1980s-Bareback-Big-Dicks-23 Vintage Gay Porn:  Non-Stop

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